Transport Assessment

A Transport Assessment is usually required to support any significant development and also for the analysis of any new transport infrastructure.


Transport Assessment

Before any infrastructure - be it roads, parking, buildings or any other attraction, is considered the owner needs to know as well as possible if the new infrastructure will work in practice and any impact it might have on the local environment. The promoter or funding agency also needs to have an understanding of its long-term financial and/or economic impact.

For a developer wishing to make a planning application, the local transport and highway authority normally requires a Travel Plan, Sustainable Travel Plan or 'Green Travel Plan' – this subject is covered in the last section but broadly it is the means by which workers, visitors etc can be encouraged to use sustainable transport systems to reach the site.

Transport Assessments, Traffic Impact Assessments or Transport Statements quantify the travel by visitors, workers etc on the road and public transport systems in the locality of the development and identify any problems that need to be dealt with on entry and exit to the site and on the transport networks outside the development. This can include road junctions, footpaths, pedestrian crossings, cycle and bus routes, rail stations etc.

The Local Planning Authority ('District Council' outside the conurbations and some other major cities) is ostensibly the authority that a developer makes a planning application to; the Highway and Transport Authority could include a 'higher' level authority such as a County Council, Transport for London or the central government Department for Transport - especially if the development is close to a major road. These other organisations need to be satisfied of the effects on the local area and the transport systems before the District authority can give planning permission.

Transport Assessment Services

John Elliott Consultancy has an in-depth understanding of Transport Assessments, Transport Appraisals, Traffic Impact Assessments and Transport Statements both as a promoter and as an assessor of development and infrastructure schemes. Furthermore, as part of John Elliott's voluntary duties he still has a continuing role with senior people in local and central government in developing techniques and methods for carrying out these activities and influencing policy.

This background and skills available to any prospective client should ensure that any development is refined to provide the best solution for the developer and obtains the necessary approvals.

Transport Assessments can be for the assessment of the benefits and costs of a Transport scheme or for the assessment of the Transport Impact of a new development. John Elliott has an almost unrivalled experience of assessing schemes from new roads, bus lanes, traffic management, parking, traffic limitation strategies etc.

For developments we provide cost-effective no-nonsense Transport Assessments and Transport Statements, getting straight to the point and covering all necessary matters clearly and concisely, without a load of ‘padding’ and unnecessary content. We have worked ‘on both sides of the fence’ and fully understand where local authorities are coming from when they are reviewing Transport Statements and Transport assessments.

Our job is often to help developers to get planning permission, not to try to impress clients or others with unnecessary content. The job also often involves discussions and negotiations with the relevant planning and highway authority officers, following submission, to secure planning approval.

We have a good track record of success in helping to secure planning permissions, where justifiable, and ensuring that the requirements for off-site highway improvements are kept to a reasonable minimum, thereby saving clients substantial costs. Consequently, we also have a good record of client appreciation of our services, and of business either directly from developers or via the intermediary planning consultants or architects.

We are also often called on at short notice to provide transport assessments and related support for second planning applications after the initial application has failed through lack of a proper Transport Statement, lack of information on certain transport impacts, or unsatisfactory access or parking provision. Again, we have a good success rate in such circumstances, pulling the fat out of the fire and helping to secure planning approval, to consequent client appreciation.

We have also been called to help residents’ groups, parish councils or local authorities to review transport statements or appraisals produced by others where proper cognisance has not been given to the real Transport or environmental problems which could result from a development or scheme.

Transport Assessments and Transport Statements often go hand-in-hand with the need to design the access and parking layouts within the development, or to detail up the outline layouts drawn up by the development architects or planning consultants. We are well placed to provide this service, and often do - for more information click on this link

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