Sustainable Transport Systems

Sustainable Transport Systems

While there are a number of definitions and uses of the terms Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Transport Systems and Sustainable Cities, the objective in all cases is to reduce the CO2 output, reduce congestion and improve the environment.
John Elliott has been working in this field since the mid 1970s and JEC specialises in these areas and the supporting elements to deliver such objectives.

Hence John Elliott Consultancy has built up over the years a unique knowledge and understanding of all the mechanisms which work to deliver Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Transport Systems and Sustainable Cities this is covered further under the Travel Planning heading

Sustainable transport is all about reducing the use of carbon hungry transport and planning Sustainable Transport systems so they encourage the use of walk, cycle, bus, train, shared cars and motorcycles before the use of cars with just one occupant. In addition, within each of these means of transport, it is preferable to use the most efficient vehicles (e.g. pedal bicycles before electric bicycles, mopeds before larger engine motorcycles, electric, gas powered, or hybrid vehicles before large engine petrol cars).

John Elliott Consultancy can advise on how to make all the sustainable modes more attractive for developing Sustainable Cities, or for individual developments. We can also advise on Green Fleets in terms of choice of vehicles or as part of an overall sustainable transport system for any individual organisations.

If you’d like to know more information about Sustainable Transport please don’t hesitate to contact us, We are looking forward to know more about your project and the opportunities that are available.

Campaign for Better Transport

Campaign for Better TransportThe Campaign for Better Transport is a UK advocacy group that promotes better bus and rail services and for supportive policies and for less expenditure on road building.


Technical Advisers Group

Technical Advisers GroupTAG's main aims are to provide coordinated and comprehensive advice and support to technical professionals employed by local authorities directly or indirectly to manage and advise on their services.


Ways to work

Ways to workWays to work is a business to business network promoting sustainable travel and flexible working. Ways to work enables companies to share best practice and promotes the financial, environmental and social benefits of reducing the negative impacts of work-related travel.